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We do take a $25 scheduling fee to hold your appointment. This is to prevent any no-show appointments. Start the tattoo removal process today by filling out the form below. Upload an image of your tattoo to help give us an idea of the size of the tattoo so we can give you a rough quote! Or call us today at (603) 232-7304.


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Today was my 3rd session of tattoo removal for a fairly large tattoo on my abdomen, which I’m told is a sensitive area. My first two sessions were pretty painful, but doable. For my third session Roberta prescribed a numbing cream and it made all the difference! Today she even turned up the machine and I had very minimal discomfort and some spots didn’t hurt at all. I wasn’t tense and barely squeezed the stress balls. I highly recommend using the numbing cream for anyone who is considering tattoo removal but concerned about pain.

Also the lens for the red ink doesn’t hurt at all (even without numbing cream.)

Thanks for making my tattoo removal experience so pleasant!

—Megan L

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We are conveniently located on South River Road in Bedford, NH just outside of the Greater Manchester area with easy access to routes 293, 93 and 101. Laser Ink offers very affordable pricing for access to the newest and most effective laser technology in a licensed medical aesthetics office.

  • Consults always free. 

  • Radiation tattoos always cleared for free. 

  • Military entrants needing tattoo removal will be given considerable discounts.

  • Brides given priority scheduling for tattoo removal in preparation for their wedding day!

I have been visiting Laser Ink for a complicated tattoo removal. Having had a much smaller tattoo removed a while back, I was aware of how the process should go. I am beyond pleased to say that Roberta and her equipment have exceeded my expectations in both level of success and comfort throughout the process.

The people at Laser Ink are wonderful and knowledgeable and the level of individual care and consideration provided are unparalleled. I actually enjoy going in for my treatment because of the people.

The tattoo being worked on is a two layer coverup that is over 20 years old. I’m happy to say its almost gone and in a much faster time than expected.

Laser Ink is a game changer for laser involved cosmetics.

—Jon G.

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169 South River Road, Suite 2
Bedford, NH 03110

tel: (603) 232-7304
fax: (603) 232-5965


Thursday: 6pm – 9pm
Friday: 10am – 6pm
Saturday: 10am – 1pm*
*Every other Saturday

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Laser Ink.

169 South River Road - Suite 2
Bedford, NH 03110

tel: (603) 232-7304
fax: (603) 232-5965



Thursday: 6PM-9PM
Friday: 10AM-6PM
Saturday: 10AM-1PM*

*Every other Saturday

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