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PicoSure™ Laser Tattoo Removal Technology

PicoSure represents a major advancement in laser tattoo removal and is the latest in laser tattoo removal technology. Check out our amazing laser tattoo removal photos both before and after and see what we can do for you!


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Hair Free is Care Free!!

Vectus™ Laser Hair Reduction Technology

Removing unwanted body hair is a tedious task that many men and women perform every day. Thankfully, permanent hair removal is now possible with our Vectus Laser hair removal technology.



My girlfriend got laser tattoo removal and I got a hydraFacial (Yes men can get them too!) We both left extremely satisfied. The owner Roberta made the experience from start to finish painless with her great communicate and expertise. 5 star service!!!

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I have had multiple facial rejuvenation procedures as well as lip injections here at Laser Ink. Not only am I completely satisfied with the results but I will never go to any other facility for my procedures. I trust Laser Ink implicitly. And that says it all!

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I have just completed my 3rd tattoo removal session with great results! Friendly, clean and professional atmosphere. They took the time during my initial visit to provide a full background on the laser, process, their pricing and the science behind the procedure. I felt fully informed and ready to start my sessions! Highly recommend.

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Just stopped in for my first consultation and ended up with a tattoo removal procedure on three tattoos. The office is clean, friendly and professional. Roberta is very knowledgeable and answered all of my questions and concerns. Great pricing! I wish I started this procedure years ago.

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It is my second tattoo removal session for a medium small tattoo of a devil. I was prescribed a numbing cream right from the start and using it makes the lasers feel like nothing. Roberta is very nice and very calming through the entire process. By my second session I forgot about the lasers and just kept talking to Roberta. You are given stress squeeze balls in case you do feel pain, but I doubt I’ll need them next time. The cool air she uses blowing from a tube takes the burn and heat away very well. My tattoo is mostly red and black and there is very good improvement of it fading. Every one is different so I’m curious how many more sessions I have left. Overall I’m very happy I decided to go to Laser Ink for my tattoo removal. It’s clean, and very professional, and Roberta is very skilled and qualified for what she does. Thank you!!!


Today was my 3rd session of tattoo removal for a fairly large tattoo on my abdomen, which I’m told is a sensitive area. My first two sessions were pretty painful, but doable. For my third session Roberta prescribed a numbing cream and it made all the difference! Today she even turned up the machine and I had very minimal discomfort and some spots didn’t hurt at all. I wasn’t tense and barely squeezed the stress balls. I highly recommend using the numbing cream for anyone who is considering tattoo removal but concerned about pain.

Also the lens for the red ink doesn’t hurt at all (even without numbing cream.)

Thanks for making my tattoo removal experience so pleasant!


I had a PicoSure Skin Rejuvenation Facial done by Roberta. She is extremely knowledgeable on the science of the laser, extremely safety cautious, and provides excellent client care and education.

This was my first experience with a more aggressive path to achieving wrinkle reduction and skin smoothing, I admit, I was nervous. The sensation was exactly as she said, Prickly Heat, I was never uncomfortable.

My face looked like a I had a mild sunburn (which was kind of nice in January) and the next morning the redness was gone. There is noticeable tightening of my skin on day 1. I trust Roberta 100% to perform any aesthetic treatments on me. She’s also a very friendly, easy going and a fun person. Laser Ink is neat, clean, nicely decorated, and a warm, pleasant, comfortable establishment. You are Top Notch Roberta!


I have been visiting Laser Ink for a complicated tattoo removal. Having had a much smaller tattoo removed a while back, I was aware of how the process should go. I am beyond pleased to say that Roberta and her equipment have exceeded my expectations in both level of success and comfort throughout the process.

The people at Laser Ink are wonderful and knowledgeable and the level of individual care and consideration provided are unparalleled. I actually enjoy going in for my treatment because of the people.

The tattoo being worked on is a two layer coverup that is over 20 years old. I’m happy to say its almost gone and in a much faster time than expected.

Laser Ink is a game changer for laser involved cosmetics.


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