PicoSure Laser Tattoo Removal

Is it time to move on? Laser Ink offers Fast Laser Tattoo Removal with FDA-Approved PicoSure™ Technology





Fast Laser Tattoo Removal with FDA-Cleared PicoSure Laser Tattoo Removal Technology

If you have an unwanted tattoo, you are not alone. Nearly 20 percent of people have tattoos that they regret. Now removing unwanted tattoos is easier than ever before with the PicoSure laser tattoo removal system. This revolutionary picosecond aesthetic laser is FDA approved, evidence based, laser therapy using state of the art lasers and can remove very dark lines as well as notoriously difficult blue and green inks.


With our 532 Lens we can remove ALL colors of tattoo ink!

We’ve recently added the 532nm lens to our laser- meaning we can remove more ink colors than ever before! If your unwanted tattoo contains red, orange, and yellow inks, PicoSure laser treatments can help remove it. PicoSure is the only device on the market that uses a picosecond laser. Other tattoo removal systems use outdated nanosecond lasers that deliver laser energy 100 times slower than the PicoSure. PressureWave technology completely shatters the underlying tattoo ink into microscopic particles which the body can easily assimilate. In contrast, nanosecond lasers are powerful, but they burn the pigment and damage the surrounding skin with photothermal effects. PicoSure does not harm your skin and naturally eliminates the pigment from your body. PicoSure is effective at removing tattoos for most skin types. However, PicoSure is not FDA-cleared for darker African-American skin tones at this time, please check back and call with any questions.

How Does PicoSure Laser Tattoo Removal Work?

All lasers are designed to be attracted to a certain chemophore or target such as ink, hemoglobin, melanin (pigment) or water. The laser passes through the top skin delivering heat to the dermal layer of skin where the ink is. The ink will break up each time it is treated and the body’s immune system will clear the broken particles over several weeks. Therefor it is important that a person has good circulation and stays well hydrated for optimal clearance. Pregnant women may not be treated for tattoo removal; we do not know if the tattoo particles will harm baby if it goes into fetal circulation.

PicoSure Laser Tattoo Removal – Why all the hype?

The PicoSure Laser cuts what we knew were the traditional number of treatments in half. It was the very first FDA approved picosecond laser developed primarily for tattoo removal. It is known to be the safest tattoo removal laser while being the most powerful on the market today. This laser combines traditional laser capabilities to break up the ink in a very rapid speed, with ultrasound like pulse to mechanically break up the ink. This is very unique and powerful while still keeping the skin intact and safe.


What to Expect With PicoSure Laser Tattoo Removal

PicoSure represents a major advancement in laser tattoo removal. The price, length of each session and number of treatments for clearance is dependent upon the size and color of the tattoo. It is recommended that you wait four to six weeks in between each session so the tattoo has time to fade and the tissue has time to heal. Recovery time is typically one week. It feels much like a mild sunburn initially after the treatment, and it may become dry and itchy after the treatment. Some tattoo inks will release gas bubbles in the first 24-48hrs. These resemble blisters however they are painless gas bubbles and will resolve on their own. There is no damage to the top layer of your skin with this treatment. Aftercare involves keeping the area moisturized with Aquaphor or similar, protecting from friction during the first week of healing and drinking plenty of water to allow the tissue to flush the ink out. The treatment itself is uncomfortable due to the metal in the tattoo ink heating up when laser is applied. We offer chilling devices before, during and after to keep you comfortable. Treatments are rapid, typically lasting minutes. We also offer prescription strength topical lidocaine if you desire, this would be prescribed for you. 

*We are unable to remove makeup tattoos.

*We are unable to remove tattoos on African American skin with our laser.

*We are unable to treat pregnant women for Tattoo Removal.


Seeing is Believing!

PicoSure™ Laser Technology

PicoSure represents a major advancement in laser tattoo removal and is the latest in laser tattoo removal technology. Laser Ink is proud to be the only facility to provide PicoSure Laser Technology in New Hampshire!

Tattoo Removal


Does laser tattoo removal hurt?

The treatment is uncomfortable but all our clients have been able to tolerate the treatment in the 3 years we have owned the machine. Because we are a medical office we can offer prescription strength topical numbing cream if desired. We also use a surgical cooling device before, during and after the treatment which greatly helps reduce discomfort.

Does laser tattoo removal leave scars?

Laser tattoo removal procedures have few side effects and scarring is rare.

Can you just remove part of my tattoo?

This all depends on your actual tattoo.  The first consult is free, so either use or contact form to upload a picture of your tattoo or schedule an appointment for us to take a look and discuss your specific needs.

How many sessions will my tattoo take?

The length of the procedure and the number of sessions required depends on the size and color of the tattoo. The industry average on the PicoSure Laser system is eight treatments.

Is my tattoo removal technician certified?

Tattoo removal services are preformed by a registered nurse or licensed nurse practitioner.

How long is tattoo removal recovery time?

It is recommended that you wait four to six weeks between each session so the tattoo has time to fade.

Are there any side effects to laser tattoo removal?

Laser tattoo removal procedures have few side effects and scarring is rare.

My tattoo has lots of color... Can you remove all of it?

With our 532 Lens we can remove ALL colors of tattoo ink!

How much will my tattoo removal cost?

This is depends upon the size of your tattoo and how the ink responds to treatments. Tattoo removal is priced according to the size of the tattoo. Prices start at $100 per session and increase according to size of tattoo. We do not have payment plans or care plans, but we do accept credit cards or cash for treatment session.


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